Made in Quebec

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    Les Confections Lili partners with local businesses to bring you extraordinary locally made products.

    We present to you one of the little marvels produced by the Grenier de Charlotte...

    Hair scrunchie Le Grenier de Charlotte

    Do you love little kits that fit with your favorite nappies? In Charlotte's attic you will find the perfect accessories!

    This hair scrunchie reminds us of our childhood and brings a touch of whimsy to our thoughts. The small one is ideal for children and the large one for mom. 

    * The Grenier de Charlotte products being in pre-order, allow a possible delay of up to 8 weeks for the shipment of your order.

    Handmade in Quebec by a mother of 10 who is passionate about sewing and loves creating accessories for children.

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    Accessoires à cheveux