Made in Quebec

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    Les Confections Lili joins forces with local businesses  to offer you extraordinary products made locally.

    We present to you one of the little marvels signed Confections Lili and developed by Oops!

    Crunchy comforter with teething corner:

    Your baby will love the label cuddly toy that cracks when he handles it!

    Its vibrant colors and easy-to-grasp format make it the perfect toy for your little one! Babies love to put the labels of their toys in their mouths, which is why the cute label cuddly toy has several ribbons of various colors on each side!


    The crunchy label comforter is washer and dryer safe. Prefer washing on a delicate cycle and drying on a low temperature.


    Our cuddly toy labels is made of new quality materials, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and anti-mold. Our products meet Health Canada's quality and safety standards, but as this organization suggests: "Never leave your children unattended and teach them how to use toys safely."

    Made in Quebec

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    Doudou craquante