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    Discover the Confections Lili pocket washable diaper: a high-performance and trendy washable diaper made locally and ethically that will meet all your expectations!

    Its high quality design was developed with passion by an experienced team made up of women and mothers who are well aware of the needs of today's families.

    Scalable, its one size gives you the simplicity of a diaper that can accompany your baby to potty training.



    One size fits babies from approximately 8 lbs to 35 lbs (variable depending on the child's morphology).

    The outside of the diaper is made of a patterned polyester and two linings of 100% polyester waterproof fabric (PUL).

    The inside of the diaper is made of 100% polyester athletic fabric. It provides a dry effect on baby's bottom.

    8th generation of Confections Lili diapers

    Absorbent inserts are sold separately

    The pattern may vary depending on the positioning and cutting of the fabric.

    Why an 8th generation of diapers despite the success of the 7th generation?

    Although we love our double layer and its flawless seal, a few customers who love previous generations and their great flexibility led us to think about a compromise that would allow us to benefit from the benefits of the 7th generation while bringing us as close as possible to the thinness and flexibility of previous generations. Thus was born the 8th generation.

    Same fit you love

    Fully lined like our 7th generation, but thinner and softer

    Two liners under the snaps rather than three

    Now only one elastic per thigh!

    The 8th generation diaper simply presents you with the perfect diaper! Benefiting from several years of development and refinement, we are proud to offer you this layer of unequaled quality.

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